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24 French fruits and activities to learn by playing, drawing and writing.

This engaging educational resource is designed to help young children expand their French vocabulary and improve their language skills. 

This downloadable and printable set includes:

  • 24 fruit cards with or without their names in French (48 cards in total)
  • 48 names labels
  • 1 sheet of blank cards for drawing
  • 3 activities
  • 5 colouring and writing sheets
  • 1 storage envelope.

Pedagogical benefits:

  • Acquisition of another language: The combination of three simultaneous actions - seeing, saying and writing - helps to improve language acquisition.
  • Expanding vocabulary: Children learn the names of fruits, which broadens their vocabulary and linguistic repertoire.
  • Visual recognition: The bright illustrations on the cards make it easier to recognise the fruit.
  • Reading comprehension: By associating the written word with the corresponding image, children develop their reading comprehension skills.
  • Writing practice: The writing cards give children the chance to practise writing the names of the fruits, reinforcing their writing skills.

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