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Discover fruits, draw, write, colour and play!

With the same file, you can do several activities and play several games.

To play the Memory game, print your cards several times with or without their backs, then cut them out. You can use the same cards as flashcards, with name tags or blank tags to practice writing.

You can also play "Who am I", just pick a card without looking at it, show it to the other players and ask them questions to guess what your animal is.

You can also print out several complete boards and play bingo with the name tags.

Have fun learning!

This download includes:

  • 3 coloured boards of 8 fruit cards with their names.
  • 3 coloured boards of 8 fruit cards without names.
  • 1 board of 8 blank cards to illustrate.
  • Each board of illustrated cards is accompanied by a board of card backs, to be printed on both sides if you wish.
  • 24 name labels.
  • 1 sheet « Circle your favourite fruits. »
  • 1 sheet « Match each fruit with its name. »
  • 1 board of 8 fruit riddle cards.
  • 1 board of 8 virgin fruit riddle cards so you can create yours.
  • 5 sheets « Colour and write.
  • 1 envelope to print for you to store your game

Printing on cardboard is recommended (160-200g thick paper is fine, make sure your printer can handle it). For a more durable game, you can also laminate it.

Everything is in PDF PRINT (high quality printing).

Vous obtiendrez un fichier PDF (53MB)

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