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Taught by Thomas, a certified secondary school language teacher with 14 years' experience in French and Australian High schools offering an international curriculum, these online courses, built on the principle of project-based learning, are now reserved for students from the 10th grade upwards (14+).

To join Online French Teen, it is essential to have already acquired a certain level of language or to be intrinsically motivated, i.e. to have an interest and affinity for the language and associated culture, as well as the real autonomy to work independently. These courses require a personal investment outside the classroom if the student is at school.

Online French Teen courses take place at least once a week, at fixed times, over a period of 10 months (from September to June inclusive).

Cost of courses (start of the 2024 school year) :

  • £250 per card of 10 lessons of 50 minutes.

We also offer payment in the following currencies:

  • 320 USD (10-course card)
  • 480 AUD (10-course card)
  • 440 CAD (10-course card)

Thomas' role is to design tailor-made projects for each student, offering them a variety of learning opportunities, as well as guiding them, teaching them methodology, encouraging them and helping them to develop their critical thinking skills, creativity, self-confidence and ability to express themselves both orally and in writing. All of this is done with the aim of preparing each student for possible studies abroad or exams (IB French/ DELF/ DALF).

We do not offer a one-off option for online French teen courses, except for a limited commitment of less than two months, such as training for a specific exam. In this case only, the price per lesson is £27 for 50 minutes, payable in advance, and lessons are scheduled according to the tutor's availability at times which may vary from week to week. This is a limited option, given the often very busy timetable, mainly filled by adult students with changing schedules. However, please do not hesitate to contact us with your request and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Thomas has worked with thousands of students (student feedback at the bottom of the page, and LinkedIn), all with their own particularities and diverse intelligences.

To join the online courses, a thirty-minute interview is held to get to know each other and explain how the courses work. The presence of an adult is compulsory and we will not accept any student without prior discussion with their parents.

Given the limited number of places available, Thomas reserves the right to determine whether the student is ready to take full advantage of these online courses. It is essential that the student is sufficiently motivated and comfortable with distance learning to benefit fully from these courses.

As the vast majority of our students remain loyal from one year to the next, vacancies are rare. We invite you to register your interest as soon as possible, even for the following academic year. All you have to do is send us an e-mail specifying your child's age, level, objectives and whether he or she is at school or being home educated. This will enable us to take your request into account and give you an appropriate response.

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1 month ago

Experimented teacher

My daughter was in Year 12 this year and wanted to prepare for the DALF exam to join a French university next September. Thanks to Thomas, she succeeded in her exam and can continue her studies in French. She really enjoyed having classes with him, and her French has shown real improvement. She developed critical thinking skills, studied French culture and literature, and many other things. Thomas is very professional, kind, and open-minded. Thank you for helping my daughter achieve her goals.