Here is our book selection about Australia. 

It is pretty hard to buy books about Australia in France, we found for you the best titles, availabilities and prices. 
When an e-book version is available, we share it for all those islanders for whom buying normal books is sometimes impossible.
Book Depository delivers to many countries around the world at no cost, perfect for expatriates far away.
Please note that the links are affiliated to compensate our research and layout work, for you it doesn’t change anything, but if you buy a book we will receive a few cents commission. 
Thank you for your support. 
(This book collect together 4 titles : Colours if Australia, Shapes of Australia, Why I love Australia, Patterns of Australia).  While I love Australia is available in ebook version.

Available on Amazon (all shops)

This is our own ebook ! On each page, bright and colourful like Australia, you will discover their Australian life and their favourite places, animals, sports, food … You will also learn lots of interesting facts about this country and its people.  

One last recommendation for the grown-ups, with this very funny book that I read during my first flight to Australia, almost 20 years ago.

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